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Maximize your home theater experience!

Have your audio system calibrated today!



The most important part of assembling a fine sounding home theater is having it properly calibrated.  Regardless of how much you spend on your equipment, an improperly set up system will not sound right.  We use highly sensitive measuring equipment, real time analyzer, signal generators, and computer driven software to run acoustic simulations of your room.  For those that are planning, or in the process of building a new home or theater room, we can work with your architect to design a room with optimized acoustics right from the start.  This is a valuable tool in achieving a room with good acoustics, because the size and dimensions of the room can have just as big an impact on the final sound quality as can the audio equipment itself.

From a basic stereo system, to a full blown multi-channel home theater system, we can have your audio system sounding it's best.



If you are building a new home, we can layout a whole house audio system that will allow relaxing music to seamlessly flow through your entire home, even out in the yard or around a pool.  We offer this design service to our customers nationwide, with complete packages and installation instructions for the installer (if you don't have one, we can help locate one near you).  If you are in northern CA, you can take advantage of our own professional installation and calibration services, by having us do the whole project.



Many people have purchased very expensive systems, but never having it properly calibrated, they were never completely satisfied with the sound they were getting.  We have seen many occasions where we have been called out to a new customer's house because they thought they might need a whole new system.  After taking some acoustic measurements, we often find that the system was simply not adjusted correctly for that room.  After our surround sound tune-up, you will hear those surround speakers like you did at the showroom but never could at home. 

The Surround Sound Tune-up ($250) includes:

-Computer aided room simulation and analysis (tells us any problems that are associated with the room dimensions)

-Pre calibration acoustic analysis and documentation

-Checking all connections for correct wiring

-Balance all speaker and subwoofer channels

-Adjust main speakers for proper imaging (toe in/out)

-Adjust subwoofer phase 

-Adjust actual speaker placement when available or necessary

-Adjust time delay settings when available

-Post calibration acoustic analysis and documentation 

-Offer suggestion on improving placement, equipment, and room treatments (such as sound absorbers, throw rugs, window coverings).







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