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ISF stands for the Imaging Science Foundation, an organization that trains qualified video experts and enthusiasts alike, in the science of proper imaging and calibration techniques.  To properly calibrate a TV, technicians must use specialized equipment such as a spectral radiometer, color analyzer, optical comparator, and special test patterns to ensure an accurate color balance.

Is this really necessary?

Yes.  When TV's are shipped out from the factory, the picture controls are cranked way up so that when you see it in the show room, it will appear to have a bright picture even in a brightly lit store.  This is commonly referred to as "torch mode".  If left unadjusted, this will significantly reduce the life of your TV as well as causing eye strain. Have you noticed some eye pain after watching an average length movie at home?  This is common (read: epidemic), but unnecessary.  Watching a movie on a properly calibrated TV should be an enjoyable experience, and a pleasure to the eyes.

What does it mean to adjust color balance?

When the movie studio engineers are transferring a film to video or DVD, they want to make sure the home viewer is seeing the film exactly as the director intended.  All the colors your TV is capable of producing are based off of a known "white" reference, or, the accurate color of white.  All studios that are producing video must regularly contract companies such as ourselves to keep their monitors calibrated to a reference "white".  We can bring our calibration equipment to your home and adjust your TV, so that you too can start watching movies and television with all the color and detail as they saw in the studio.

The ISF has been diligently training professionals around the world in the science of color calibration, which has resulted in a network of calibration experts that can have your TV resembling a professional monitor.  If you would like to visit the ISF website, click here

For those who are located in Northern California:  We regularly service from Carmel to San Francisco.  If you are located in Southern California, we do a calibration tour every month or two, please inquire by email    

Pricing for calibrations vary, please email your Make & Model, as well as what City you live in, to


Industry Credentials:

Originally ISF trained in January of 99'

ISF refresher in 2000 for advanced training in HDTV with Jim Burns, and CRT set-up with Jim Doolittle, the CRT Guru (JD Labs)

Runco 2000 factory training on CRT set-up

Fujitsu factory training on Plasma technology

Assisted-FPD (fixed pixel display) seminar by Jim Burns (Burns digital consulting, and host of ) at the referrance home theater evaluation room of WideScreen Review in Temecula, CA. 

Joe Kane Productions' Signal Path Calibration seminar-03'.  Joe Kane is the industries top video consultant, and producer of the legendary

Runco 2003 factory training on Plasma, DLP, LCD, and CRT set-up and calibration (with the industry standard light meter: Photo Research model 650). 



-Engineering consultant, for the ColorFacts calibration system

-Calibration Procedures Insructor, for the Runco factory training

-Video Technologies instructor

-Ideal-Lume bias lighting consultant/dealer


Test equipment used:

P4 laptop w/DVI output cardbus, and running ColorFacts Proffessional calibration software.

ISF optical comparator with hand blown custom D6500 luminescent

Video Essentials DVD

Digital Video Essentials DVD

Avia test DVD

CF-6500:  All display color analyzer W/ ColorFacts software

CF-6000:  GretagMacbeth spectroradiometer W/ ColorFacts software 

VP301 HDTV signal pattern generator, outputting: RF, composite, s-video, component, and VGA style connectors, with every video format up to 1080P.

Accupel HDG3000 HD video test pattern generater with DVI output


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A/V Consulting is proud to be a member of the Lion AV affiliation  of Professional Video Calibrators, providing expert video calibration services to most of North America




     "There are plenty of calibrators in this industry, and as a national instructor I meet many fine examples from all over.  In this column will be a growing list of those that don't happen to be in my affiliate, but are none the less, an excellent choice of calibrator to consider."

-Seth Schnaible


            Kevin Miller, an ISF instructor and well known product reviewer for several magazines, offers his calibration services in the New York, and Tri State area.


For calibration pricing, email us your location (city), and make & model of TV-click here